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BBB A+ Accredited Business

Biller Reinhart utilizes practical experience to provide forensic evaluations and serves as a consultant for legal issues involving buildings and other structures, including the following:
  • Structural failures and collapse
  • Building settlement related damage
  • Damage due to sinkhole
  • Storm/wind damage
  • Hail damage
  • Damage due to Insect activity
  • Fire damage
  • Damage due to explosion
  • Damage due to vehicular impact
  • Damage resulting from construction defects
  • Damage due to water losses and moisture intrusion
  • Damage due to fallen tree impact
  • Damage due to vandalism
  • Conditions regarding professional liability
  • Conditions regarding eminent domain

Biller Reinhart performs such tasks as site assessments, report preparation, structural analysis, structural design, and expert testimony in depositions, mediations, appraisal hearings, and trials.