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Congratulations on your Retirement Sax!

BREG Group


Biller Reinhart is honored to have worked with Dhirendra (Sax) Saxena, PE since 2014. Sax has had an illustrious career spanning 58 years with several “once in a lifetime” projects including the Walt Disney World development in Orlando, Florida in 1967; rock blasting and vibration monitoring for an urban renewal project in Halifax along the east coast of Canada in 1968; and drilling for Churchill river diversion works in the bush country of northern Manitoba, Canada.

Sax’s passion for engineering and his desire to learn has contributed to his accomplished career. While we are sad to see him leave, we are happy we had the opportunity to work with Sax for the past 6 years.

It was truly an honor to work with you Sax! Thank you for all the knowledge you passed along, the stories, and laughs. From all of us here at Biller Reinhart, we hope you enjoy your retirement.