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Restoration Projects and the Value We Bring – Part 1

Restoration Project

Demonstration of our services’ value to our clients is vital for acquiring work. We will showcase this concept through a series of short blogs.

Our clients for restoration projects include community associations, property managers, and other ownership and owner representative entities. Client goals include getting their project completed on time and within their budget. Hiring a third-party consultant (not the engineer of record) to manage the project during construction may appear as one way to reduce project cost. However, this may not always be the case. Although a third-party consultant may promise the ability to save money on your project, they may not be straight forward regarding necessary tasks that they are not qualified to address throughout the project’s construction phase.

The value of engaging BillerReinhart as your structural engineer and hired professional will be clear during your project’s construction phase. Part 1 of this blog series will focus on the product submittals process.

During the product submittals process, BillerReinhart requires the selected contractor to submit a list and manufacturers’ data for products that they will use on site. The submittal package is reviewed to ensure that the products are in general accordance with the design intent of the construction documents (drawings and specifications). If a product or system is found unacceptable, then the submittal is rejected, and the contractor is requested to resubmit with appropriate changes.

If a specified product or system is substituted by the contractor and it is deemed acceptable by the engineer, then a price savings could be passed on to the Owner(s). This process should only be completed by the engineer of record as they have the knowledge pertaining to the project’s design intent.

The scenario described above is just one example of the value BillerReinhart can bring to the product submittals process. This process occurs before construction begins and demonstrates the importance of starting the construction project off on the right foot. Subsequent parts in this blog series will showcase other examples of the value we bring to your restoration project.