Old City Hall

Old City Hall
Old City Hall

Biller Reinhart Engineering Group, Inc. is currently working on a 9th floor structure and 3rd floor cornice of the City of Tampa’s historic Old City Hall which was built in 1915. The 3rd floor cornice on the east and north side is constructed of architectural terra cotta which was a popular form of construction in the teens due to the ornate cornices that could be achieved. In the teens, architectural terra cotta was supported with steel sections which keyed into the terra cotta. Biller Reinhart is performing a condition survey to visually observe the support structure of the 9th floor as well as visually reviewing the steel supporting elements of the cornice once they are exposed by a restoration contractor.


Project details

  • Project Location: Tampa, Florida
  • Completion Date: Pending
  • Client: Information Available Upon Request
  • Owner: City of Tampa