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Within engineering principles and ethics, we place our clients first. Our aim is to provide fast, friendly and affordable service while exceeding your project goals and expectations.

Over the last decade, Biller Reinhart Engineering Group, Inc. has grown to include a team of engineers and contractor with over years of combined experience in the field of Sarasota Structural Engineers, consultation, assessments and inspection on a multitude of projects for both public and private clients. Based in Florida with offices in Tampa Biller Reinhart Engineering Group, Inc. provides services to many diverse clients Through out Florida and specializes in several key areas of Sarasota Structural Engineers including the design of new structures, restoration and renovation of existing structures, soil sampling, roof consulting, deep foundation systems, building envelope evaluations, engineering analysis, building studies, forensic evaluations, expert witness consulting and threshold inspections.

Sarasota Structural Engineers can create structural drawings for residential and commercial, perform calculations for analysis and design of structural members, write up reports and letters for the municipality, as well as reviewing previously engineered work.

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Biller Reinhart Sarasota Structural Engineers utilizes practical experience to provide forensic evaluations and serves as a consultant for legal issues involving buildings and other structures, including the following:

  • Structural failures and collapse
  • Building settlement related damage
  • Damage due to sinkhole
  • Storm/wind damage
  • Hail damage
  • Damage due to Insect activity
  • Fire damage
  • Damage due to explosion
  • Damage due to vehicular impact
  • Damage resulting from construction defects
  • Damage due to water losses and moisture intrusion
  • Damage due to fallen tree impact
  • Damage due to vandalism
  • Conditions regarding professional liability
  • Conditions regarding eminent domain

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