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Sea Wall Problems?

Seawall Resized #1

Seawall Resized #2

Does the sea wall on your property look like these pictures? Okay, maybe not this bad…but perhaps similar? If so, it may be time for a Structural Engineer to provide an evaluation. Sea walls play a vital role in protecting your property from erosion. Ignoring the signs of distress in a sea wall can ultimately result in its failure.

Some evident signs of distress in a sea wall include:

  • Depressions in the ground behind the sea wall
  • Outward displacement or listing/leaning of the sea wall
  • Large separations at panel joints and/or in the concrete cap of the sea wall
  • Large cracks, possibly some with rust staining, in the panels and/or concrete cap of the sea wall
  • Large areas of broken and/or dislodged chunks of concrete (known as concrete “spalling”) in the panels and/or cap of the sea wall

It is important to know when a sea wall can be repaired versus when a sea wall needs to be replaced. BillerReinhart has the expertise and experience to properly evaluate the performance of your sea wall and to help make this determination. We have completed many evaluations, repairs, and replacements of sea walls.

Be on the lookout for our Florida approved CEU course Sea Walls: An Introduction to Functionality and Performance Evaluation – Repair vs. Replace.