Services We Offer

Biller Reinhart Engineering Group, Inc. offers comprehensive structural engineering and building envelope consulting services. Our firm specializes in the following:

  • Design of new buildings, industrial structures, equipment support structures, and equipment concealment structures.
  • Threshold inspection for new building construction and building restoration.
  • Structural restoration of existing buildings, parking structures, plaza decks, industrial structures, and equipment support structures.
  • Waterproofing of existing buildings, parking structures, and plaza decks.
  • Roof consulting.
  • Assessment of existing buildings and parking structures for forensic investigations, due diligence studies, feasibility studies, turnover studies, emergency repairs, and for future project planning.

These specialties complement each other for the planning and designing of our clients’ projects. Representative projects include the following:

  • Design of commercial and public buildings.
  • Structural analysis of existing building components.
  • Facility renovations.
  • Adaptive reuse of existing structures.
  • Restoration of concrete, structural steel, light gauge metal, masonry, and timber building components.
  • Design of moisture intrusion remediation protocols.
  • Evaluation of existing roofing systems and reroof design.
  • Evaluation of buildings damaged by differential foundation settlement, fire, wind storm, vehicular impact, insect activity, construction related deficiencies, and structural overload.

Biller Reinhart offers our full range of professional services throughout the state of Florida (Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Daytona, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville) and nationwide for a diverse mix of public and private clients.


Biller Reinhart designs new buildings, industrial structures, and equipment support structures utilizing structural steel, reinforced concrete, reinforced masonry and timber.

Restoration & Renovation

Biller Reinhart designs the restoration of existing buildings. Impaired structural and waterproofing conditions can be restored to prolong a property’s lifespan.

Forensic & Expert Witness

Biller Reinhart utilizes practical experience to provide forensic evaluations and serves as a expert witness at depositions, cross-examinations and trials for legal issues.

Threshold Inspection

Biller Reinhart performs threshold inspection services during the construction of buildings or parking garages classified as “threshold buildings” as per Florida Statutes Chapter 553.71.

Roof Consulting

Biller Reinhart’s engineers and Registered Roof Consultants (RRC) provide extensive, unbiased expertise on roofing standards, regulations, applications and products.

Building Studies

Biller Reinhart performs studies for building owners, prospective building owners, owner representatives, and property managers.

Emergency Response

Biller Reinhart can provide personnel with specialized training in response to emergencies.