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Restoration & Renovation

Restoration & Renovation

Buildings and structures located in coastal areas are subject to accelerated rates deterioration due to the harsh environmental conditions created by the properties proximity to large bodies of salt water. Other means of deterioration include moisture intrusion, fire, insect activity, differential foundation settlement, and exposure to high wind loading. Impaired structural and waterproofing conditions can be restored to prolong a property’s lifespan. BillerReinhart will design an effective protocol for restoring impaired building components and features. Representative projects include the following:

  • Commercial and residential structure restoration
  • Parking garage restoration
  • Plaza deck restoration
  • Building envelope consulting
  • Roof consulting
  • Exterior finish repair
  • Historic building / structure rehabilitation

Tasks for such projects include the following:

  • Perform surveys of existing buildings, parking structures, and plaza decks to assess existing conditions.
  • Prepare reports to document survey findings and repair recommendations.
  • Coordinate with clients to develop a suitable project scope.
  • Prepare drawings and specifications for contractor bidding, permitting, and construction.

BillerReinhart performs construction phase services during the project’s construction phase.

Such services include the following:

  • Site visits to observe completed work.
  • Product submittal review for materials to be utilized during construction.
  • Review of contractor pay applications.
  • Conducting preconstruction meetings.
  • Conducting regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Close-out documentation preparation.
  • As-built record drawing preparation.

In summary, BillerReinhart provides structural consultation to the client from project inception to project completion. Renovations of existing structures are often necessary to meet the needs of building owners and tenants. Representative projects include the following:

  • Relocation of structural building components due to modified space requirements.
  • Strengthening of structural components to increase capacity necessitated by occupancy changes, upgraded mechanical equipment, and additional storage requirements.
  • Facility upgrades.
  • Building additions and expansions.
  • Adaptive reuse.
  • Storm hardening.

Our firm has applied our engineering expertise in projects for hotels, schools, community centers, university buildings, airport buildings, office buildings, warehouses, retail buildings, pharmaceutical plants, petroleum plants, and food processing plants.