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BillerReinhart designs new buildings, industrial structures, and equipment support structures utilizing structural steel, reinforced concrete, reinforced masonry, timber, and light gauge metals. Our wealth of experience in domestic and international projects includes the following:

  • Educational facilities such as schools and university buildings
  • Public facilities such as community centers and airport buildings
  • Office buildings, warehouses, and retail buildings
  • Industrial facilities such as chemical plants, petroleum plants, fertilizer plants, pharmaceutical plants and food processing plants

BillerReinhart designs specialty structures such as the following:

  • Equipment concealment structures
  • Equipment foundations and supports
  • Sign structures
  • Canopy structures
  • Anchorage details for mechanical equipment and art installation
  • Systems for moving existing equipment
  • Shoring and bracing systems

BillerReinhart also provides consulting services for the following:

  • Analysis of existing structures to verify their capacity to accommodate updated loading requirements and to support new mechanical equipment.
  • Value engineering; redesign services for meeting client’s project requirements while reducing project cost.