Christiansted Condominiums
Christiansted Condominiums

Project details

  • Project Size: 5-Story, 80,000 Square Feet
  • Project Location: Tampa, Florida
  • Budgeted Construction Costs: $4,500,000
  • Actual Construction Costs: $4,500,000
  • Completion Date: 2006
  • Client: Information Available Upon Request
  • Owner: Information Available Upon Request

Christiansted Condominiums

Biller Reinhart Engineering Group, Inc. performed Threshold Inspector duties as per Chapters 471 and 553 of the Florida Statute s for the 5-story condominium structure. The building is approximately 154 feet by 125 feet and is supported on a mat foundation system. The elevated floor slabs of the structure are post-tensioned re enforced concrete. BillerReinhart reviewed structural drawings, specifications, and submittals, performed site visits to observe project construction, and prepared reports documenting the work to the building code official having jurisdiction over the project.